Providing Reliable CNC Milling and Machining

Turn to RK Precision Ltd for professional CNC milling services. Using the very best equipment available, we are able to offer versatile milling and machining services to meet your exact specifications. All our machines are equipped with high-speed contouring functionality, integral inspection probes, through-spindle coolant for deep cavity milling and mist extractors which remove the oils from the air created by machining, improving the environment in which we work in. This enables us to deliver high-quality results every time.

Quality Machining

In order to enhance our services, we have continually invested in new equipment over the years. We have several 3-axis Vertical Machining Centres (VMCs) available, with programmable 4th axis and pallet changing capabilities for larger production runs. All VMCs have table sizes of 1000mm x 500mm, with 450mm stroke in the Z axis, allowing for larger components to be machined.

As of June 2019,  a second 5 axis machining centre arrived at RK Precision ltd, further enhancing our manufacturing processes with the superb DMG Mori CMX50U. Having the ability to machine from 5 sides in one set up has proven to improve accuracy and speed, coupled with the glass scales and production packages meaning the finished component comes off the machine quicker, more accurate and with minimal human error. With Bilz shrink fit tooling, machining accuracy is second to none. Furthermore, we have made use of Lang 5-axis vices, whose unique hydraulic crimping system gives us superior clamping integrity and repeatability and complements our high-end machinery. With the latest PowerMill 2019 software installed, and maintenance contract for two seats, our CAD/CAM system is continually improving through upgrades from Autodesk.

Complete Solutions

Committed to providing complete solutions for all our clients, we always go the extra mile to meet your needs. Additional surface and heat treatment processes can be catered for on request, please use the contact page for further information.